Oris Magazine – Slovenian/Croation

Oris Magazine for Architecture and Culture is a bi-monthly magazine published by Arhitekst Publishing Company since 1999 in both Slovenian/English and Croatian/English editions. Oris, meaning “outline” or “description”, features current topics about architecture, urbanism, interior and product design, photography, and literature.

The magazine is widely known for the annual architectural symposium Days of Oris taking place in Zagreb end of October, with selected lectures presented in Ljubljana, Dubrovnik, and Belgrade each spring. Belgrade Days of Oris kicks off in May 2010 with Winy Maas (NL), Jordi Badia (ES), Martin Lejarraga (ES), de Architekten Cie (NL-HR), and Branislav Mitrović (SR).

Oris appears two-monthly since 1998 and covers the mediaspace of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The texts are written in Croatian and English.

The publisher Arhitekst also organises the annual ‘Oris-days’. These are very popular to the architects of the region, as they are recognized for the mandatory further training ordered by the Croatian architectural association. It is also a rare chance to meet colleagues from all over the country. The sentence Man, I haven’t seen you for ages is said to be the most spoken one. It is a two-day symposium with lectures from architects from all over the world.